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10 november - 11 november
Workshop (Dacha Kochubeia, Tsarskoe Selo)
The aim of the November meeting at Dacha Kochubeiia is thus to bring together representatives of creative industry expertise already existing in St Petersburg: to consider pilot projects that would facilitate the development of St Petersburg's creative industries sector, both as a whole and in its burgeoning sub-sectors, and identify ways it may be possible to share international experience and combine efforts, in order to set up the building blocks of a supportive infrastructure to develop the sector.

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You are invited to the Introductory Meeting to launch the Creative Industries Development Partnership, which is funded by the Tacis Cross-Border Co-operation Small Projects Facility.

Creative Industries are the fastest-growing economic sector in Europe, made up of small and medium enterprises whose business activity is based on creativity in the arts, design and knowledge skills, and entrepreneurship. St Petersburg, Russia's cultural and high-tech industry capital, has outstanding potential in this sphere.

Aims of the Meeting

  • to share with St Petersburg specialists the experience of European Union countries in supporting the development of enterprise in the cultural sphere
  • to review the potential for adapting the European models for Russia.

St Petersburg will be represented by senior officials from the City Administration, international technical assistance organisations, the relevant support and training institutions, and existing and nascent creative industries. In addition there will be representatives from the city governments of Helsinki, Manchester and Barcelona, as well as the Tacis programmes and other donor organisations.

Meeting format
The meeting is targeted on a maximum of 40 participants, key individuals in this sphere, with the intention of creating a favourable forum for the direct exchange of information and discussion. It will aim to deal with such questions as:

  • What are the creative industries
  • What is their strategic role in city development
  • What is their economic impact
  • How can they benefit St Petersburg

The working languages will be Russian and English, with simultaneous translation of the presentations and consecutive interpretation of the round table discussion. The meeting will take place from 9.30 (coffee and registration), with the working session 10.00-14.00; it will conclude with an informal buffet lunch at 14.00.

Please indicate on the Registration Form your participation, or that of your named representative. We will be very glad to welcome you to the Meeting.

Please contact: Elena Belova, tel/fax: (812) 319 9626; e-m:

  programme  programme




Evgeny Kolchin, Chair, St. Petersburg's Committee for Culture


Introduction to Creative Industries Development Partnership Project
Susan Causey, Project co-ordinator
Justin O'Connor, Director, Manchester Institute for Popular Culture

10.50 - 12.00

Experience of European Union countries in promoting creative industry sector.
Chaired by:
Irina Karelina, General director, Leontief Centre and
Susan Causey, Project co-ordinator
Georg Dolivo, Helsinki, Director, European Culture Capital 2000
Aileen McEvoy, Manchester, Deputy Director, North West Arts Board
Jordi Pascual I Ruiz, Barcelona Institut de Cultura

Tatiana Azernikova, Chief Specialist, Committee for Economy and Industrial Policy
Viacheslav Baturo, St. Petersburg Department of State Employment Service, Small Business Advisory Centre

12.00 - 12.30

Coffee break

12.30 - 13.10

Panel. Support Services for Creative Entrepreneurship within EU countries
Timo Cantell, City of Helsinki Urban Facts,
Andy Lovatt, Director, Manchester's Cultural Industries Development Service (CIDS)

13.10 - 14.10

Andrei Zonin, Director, Institute for Cultural Programmes
Elena Kolovskaya, Director, Institute ProArte
Harald Neimeier, EBRD, Fund for SME support
Marina Istomina, Director, The Cultural Fund
Nikolai Medvedev, General director, Pushkinskaya 10

14.10 - 14.45

Creative Industry representatives:
Marina Lebedeva, Director, International Festival 'Evolution of Interior'
Felix Naroditsky, Director, JFC-Jazz-Club
Tatiana Ponomarenko, Director, Borey Art Center

Closing remarks



  list of participants  participants

St. Petersburg City Administration


Post, organization

Azernikova Tatiana A.Chief Specialist, Committee for Economy and Industrial Policy
Batozhok Natalia I.Chairman, Committee on preparation for celebration of the tercentenary of St. Petersburg
Baturo Viacheslav A. St. Petersburg Department of State Employment Service, Small Business Advisory Centre
Botkina Ludmila V.First deputy chairman, Committee on Tourism and Resort Development
Vladimirova Tatuana N.Chief Specialist, Committee for External Affairs
Gavrilova Tamara S. Committee for External Affairs, Head of Department
Gribova Elena I. Deputy chairman, St. Petersburg Committee for State Statistics
Kolchin Evgeny E.Chairman, St. Petersburg's Committee for Culture
Lukin Evgeny V. St Petersburg 300 Fund
Meshavkin Iaroslav S. Head of Information Department Committee on Mass Media
Osokina Galina N. Deputy Head of Department for SME support, Committee for Economy and Industrial Policy

International Technical and Financial Assistance Organizations

Boudanoque AnastasiaCoordinator of Art Program, British Council
Neimeier HaraldEBRD, Fund for SME Support
Eliseeva Vladlena V.Expert - curator of projects, TACIS CBC for Small Projects Facility
Marina Istomina, Director, The Cultural Fund
Snisarenko Irina S. President, Invest Club
Stejskal Vaclav Team Leader,Technical Office - St. Petersburg European Union's Tacis Prorgamme
Verbitskij AlekseiProject Co-ordinator (USAID)

NGO's, consulting, training and research institutions

Balanev Sergey A. General Director, St. Petersburg Foundation for SME Development
Belova Elena G. Head of Development Department, Leontief Centre
Borisov NickolayDirector, St. Petersburg State UniversityInterdisciplinary Center
Voronkov ViktorDirector, Centre for Social Research
Danisievski Sergey E. President, Cultural Fund Defilet
Garbuzov Sergey D.Deputy chairman, Council of Regional NGO Historical-Archive Centre
Zonin Andrei S.Director, Institute for Cultural Programs
Karelina Irina A.General Director, Leontief Centre
Kizilova Irina N.Deputy Director, Institute for Cultural Programs
Kizko Andrei V.Chairman, Council of Regional NGO Historical-Archive Centre
Kovaleva Tatiana Y.Centre for Citizen Initiatives
Kolovskaya Elena Ph.Director Institute "Pro Arte"
Lebedeva Marina E.Director, International Festival 'Evolution of Interior'
Margolis Alexander D.Director, International Charitable Fund for St Petersburg - Leningrad Revival
Medvedev Nikolay Y.General Director, Pushkinskaya 10 Cultural Centre
Oding Nina Y. Head of the research department, Leontief Centre
Fursenko Andrey A.General Director, St Perersburg Regional Fund for High-Tech Development
Khodachek Alexander M.Head of the department for federal regional programs, RESTEC

Cultural/Creative Sector

Arakcheev Boris S. Director, State Museum of the History of St. Petersburg
Anisimov Andrey A.Manager on Fundraising, Mariinsky Theatre
Baykov Igor V.Marketing Director, Avangard-Svetlana-Multimedia
Volchek Lidia L.Head of the Department, St. Petersburg State Conservatoire
Gavrilov Viktor N. General Director, City Tourist Information Centre, Committee on Tourism and Resort Development
Gergiev Valery A.Artistic Director, State Academic Mariinsky Theatre
Gusev Vladimir A. Director, State Russian Museum
Douglas Le Bois General Director, Lomonosov Porcelain Factory
Kolovsky Zakhar M. Director, State Center of Modern Arts, St. Petersburg Branch
Mamontov Alexander V. Director, Festival of Festivals
Marc de Mauny, Executive Director, International Winter Festival Arts Square
Magidovich Marina L.Director, St Petersburg NGO Centre for Sociology and Art
Milochenko Nikolay P. President, Culture Support Foundation
Milkov Dmitry E.Director, V. Nabokov Museum
Naroditsky Felix S.Director, JFC-Jazz-Club
Nebogatikova Elena V.Deputy Director, Russian National Library
Piotrovsky Mikhail B.Director, State Hermitage
Ponomarenko Tatyana G. Director, Borey Art Centre
Semenova Tamara G. Director, Master Class Festival"
Sirakanyan Ekaterina M., Head of Fundraising and Advertisement Department, State Academic Mariinsky Theatre
Sklyarsky Vladimir A.General Director, "Brodyachaya Sobaka" Club
Soldatenko Anatoly V.Head of Development and Marketing Department, State Hermitage
Stolyarov Boris A. Head of Russian Center of Museum Pedagogy and Children's Art, State Russian Museum
Thomson Olga I President, Russian Album Foundation
Fedorov Evgeny V. Senior Manager, Development and Marketing Department, State Hermitage

International partners and experts

Mr Georg DolivoDirector for Helsinki City Authority of 'Helsinki City of Culture 2000' Project
Timo CantellUrban Facts City of Helsinki
Jordi Pascual i Ruiz Senior Planning Officer, Institut de Cultura, Barcelona
Andrew LovattDirector of Manchester City Council's Creative Industries Development Service
Aileen McEvoyDeputy Director, North West Arts Board
Katherine HindleyInternational Officer, Manchester City Council Economic Initiatives Unit
Justin O'ConnorDirector, MIPC
Susan Causey Programme Manager, Russia, The Prince of Wales International Business Leaders Forum
Korf ElenaThe Prince of Wales International Business Leaders Forum

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